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Collection: Bitty Beads

Made with 10-12mm beads, dainty option compared to bubblegum beads. Perfect for smaller babes

111 products
  • Solid Bittys- Additional Colors Available!
  • Back To Basics Bubblegum/Bittys
  • Winter Bittys
  • American Made With Bitty Beads
  • Summer Basics Bittys
  • End of the Rainbow Bitty
  • Pastel Party Bitty
  • Candy Heart Bitty
  • Groovy Ghost Bitty/Bracelet
  • Glow In The Dark Baby Alien Bitty/Bracelet
  • Adorable Bitty
  • Glam Snowflake Bitty
  • Fall Bitty Mixes
  • Fall Mix Bitty
  • Webbed Bitty
  • Cookies & Cream Bubblegum/Bitty